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Eureka Movie Synopsis

It may sound a little weird but the story revolves around a murder byut it doesnt make ya feel bad or anything but it does make you feel good.

Eureka Movie story

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Download Telugu Eureka 2020 Full Movie

Story By TOI: Young (Karthik Anand) hates his college, so much that he wants to end the college fest being employed by Revanth (Munna). When the latter dies a mysterious death during the said celebration, all that comes to fore is chaos.

Eureka Movie Review

Review By TOI: When a Telugu film is set in college, it is always about celebrating college life, glorifying bad friendships, or worse, disillusionment. However, Eureka is neither of the two, seeing how it pulls off a thriller set in a compound. Director Karthik Anand, who also played a lead role, should be commended for trying out a new genre and producing a lighthearted thriller that works for the most part. Confusing screenplay and a first half proves to be a drawback though.

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Revanth is a hardworking student who wants to organize a college fest called Eureka on a grand note. He gets the necessary permission to organize it and the student gathers to pull it. Young, on the other hand, is a typical college thug who hates college for ruining his reputation. He now aims to end the festival and gets into frequent disputes with Revanth for doing so. One of their disputes goes to the extent that the police intervene. However, on the day of Eureka, Yuvan finds Revant’s dead body. Believing that he was convicted for the murder, he sets out to solve the mystery before the celebration ends.

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The love track between the youngster and his girlfriend (Dimple Hayathi) is boring and is forcefully fitted into the story. The flashbacks that led to Young’s behavior could have been better explained. Although the comedy is not as great, it certainly passes the time before the film thickens, which the youngster does with his friends (Abhay Bethiganti and Shalini Vadnikatti) to find the killer.

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Karthik manages to turn the audience around. Even though he takes some cinematic freedom and forgets the logic, the fact that he attempted something new and even pulled it off for the most part says a lot about the newborn. Brahmaji plays the role of a lecturer and his performance provokes laughter. Naresh Kumaran’s background score also helps the film the most.
Karthik plays his role effortlessly and quits smoking on screen whenever required to perform an intense performance. Munna is very good in her role and the actresses have had to do a lot. Abhay and Raghubabu do well with the offer.

Eureka Movie Review

Eureka is a no-edge-of-the-seat thriller or an out-and-out crime drama. It sounds strange, but it is a good movie that revolves around a murder. If it is not very particular about the logic of it all, it is considered a good weekend taker.

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